Other Words Than These?

Been a while since we wrote one of these! To be perfectly honest, we're pretty good at Twitter and Facebook, but remembering to write stuff for the site? TERRIBLE.

ANYWAY! Loads of great stuff coming,new single, videos, EP, even a festival show lined up for next year. I'll try to keep on top of this blog here too, and update stuff as and when rather than leaving it nearly 12 months like last time.

MORE STUFF is the basic gist of this.

Love 'n' hugs,



Strange Alchemy

There! New EP is now officially announced. Strange Alchemy is coming out on 16/09/16 on all the usual online places, and you can pre-order it now at our Bandcamp shop, if you're so inclined. In fact, if you were going to buy it on iTunes, maybe think about getting it on Bandcamp instead. It's a bit cheaper for you, a bit more money for us, and a bit less evil all round.


It's August, What the Hell happened to July?!

Early July; Nick, Rob and I were joined by our friend and Roadie Sexy Chris, for an unusual show that was booked some 2 years in advance! Now, I’ve been meaning to find time to write a small piece on this for a while, but have either not been in the right headspace or had 2 little-ones attached to my side. So, as I sit here resisting to play Civ 5 and carefully watching the clock, I will attempt to explain why that evening of July 2nd, was significant enough to make me want to tell you about it.

It starts at a student pub roughly 2-3 years ago, with a very drunk Sarah Hood corning a very drunk Nick and I, asking us to play her wedding. As you probably gather from just looking around our website (or even deeper into Nick’s eyes) we are not your usual wedding band. However, as Sarah has been supporting our various outfits for over 10 years, we said ‘Sure. When is it?’…

Cue Thursday 2nd July 2015. We’ve been rehearsing a ‘wedding’ set for over 2 weeks including trying to revive an old crowd favourite cover from our LiViD past. I turn up at the studio and the guys have already loaded up the van, so we head off to Endon!

Not Endor..

We arrive at a venue that wouldn’t usually welcome our hairy metal sort, people are crying (we hope in joy) and Legendary DJ Si Fox is sitting casually in a Ford Mondeo, absorbing his powers from deep within the Moorland hills!

We load into our designated area, we’re told what not to block and to watch out for the kids.

In short, before we even have chance to eye-up the cake, Rob has misplaced his Pedals, we smash a lighting set and our new 6K PA refuses to kick in - resulting in 2 trips back to the studio and pushing our set back by 45 minutes. Luckily, Nick had started on the rum. As I jumped back in the van he worked his charm and a very understanding newly-wed was happy for us to play a little later than planned.

We play, we do okay and have fun. It’s hot. Rob is on form, Nick can’t hear anything because of the last minute PA changes and both my guitars keep de-tuning under the heat. Although it seemed our performance was welcomed as a very odd form of background entertainment, there were 3 children at the front, head-banging; absorbing the whole experience. The bride and groom were happy and we want to sincerely thank them for letting us be a part of the special day

As we start loading up for the trek home, we’re lit by a stunning moon. It’s a moment that wouldn’t be out of place in a Star Wars cut-scene. People are talking to us, and helping to comically lug the gear into the van. Now, in our mid 20’s Nick and I would have been getting seriously f*cked up at this point, preparing for the adventures that followed a live show. So, 30 yr old Nick and I now find ourselves surrounded by a small group of women… soberly discussing our families, what time we expect to be up in the morning and the best ways to fight a cold.

It’s not at that exact moment that I find this odd, but when reflecting days later on how happy I must be to play music (be it sloppy at times) with two of my greatest friends and have a family who now provide me with a lifetime of trouble and adventure, not to fall so easily back into the lifestyle of a wanna-be rock star!

I’m sure Nick would have a put an intelligent spin on this, but if you want to take anything from this crappy statement - it’s healthy to aspire, but never pretend to be anybody but yourself.

Look out for our Midlands EP Tour in Oct / Nov 2015! Yes, it's actually happening!

- Si